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Thudguard Baby Safety in Sir Alanís Boardroom

The Thudguard infant safety hat has been featured on the BBC's leading business reality show: The Apprentice.

The BAFTA winning show starring one of Britain's leading businessmen, Sir Alan Sugar, gives weekly tasks to 15 potential candidates, whom are all competing to securing a £100,000 a year job, working for one of Sir Alan Sugar's businesses. Famously every week one failed candidate gets told Sir Alan's favourite line: ‘You're fired' as they are kicked off the show.

Thudguard was chosen by The Apprentice to be included in a selection of baby products that could be picked by the two teams of candidates in the show:  The teams were Ignite and Empire.  

After a gruelling selection process, the Thudguard found itself being picked by team Ignite, as one of two products to be sold by the young entrepreneurs, helping them to WIN week nine's task. 

Sir Alan told candidates to interview suppliers of baby equipment, select two products, and then sell them to a potential of 10,000 customers at the Baby Show in London's Earls Court.

He decided that parents were best-equipped to run the task and nominated father-of-one James McQuillan as manager for Empire and mother-of-two Lorraine Tighe to head up Ignite.

Ignite chose the Thudguard, a padded toddler helmet and a travel pushchair while Empire selected a home birthing pool and an expensive hand-made rocking horse.

Empire managed sales of £722, while Ignite came out on top with their Thudguard safety hat and pushchair, turning over more than £1,600.

Thudguard on The Apprentice

Published: 15/09/2010

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