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Thudguard Inventor launches new Childrens Book

Thudguard Baby Safety Hat inventor and mum of three, Kelly Forsyth-Gibson has received great reviews for her recently launched children's book titled; "Jan Otters' Closet".  The beautifully illustrated book is now being sold world-wide by many online bookstores as well as the renowned high street retailer, Waterston's.

Jan Otters' Closet: The Beginning - tells the story of a young primary school girl who is notorious for getting into trouble which often leaves her feeling miserable and lonely.  Her only companion is her imagination, but this day dreaming at the strangest of times causes turmoil, particularly in class.  The adolescent is bullied in school and through a serious of events, is locked in the school janitors cupboard which magically transports her to a strange planet where she befriends a dragon, unicorn and many other mystical creatures who help her cope with life back on earth. 

Although the book is aimed at 7 to 11 year old girls, characters like the three headed fuzzbutt monster and the evil forest snotlings are very appealing to boys.  Grownups can also have a good giggle when snuggling up to share with assisted reading

Lynda Powell, Author and Teacher, says, "A gripping story with humour, realism and a serious theme all wrapped up in magic and imagination".

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Another perfect gift for your loved ones!

Jan Otters Closet by Kelly Forsyth-Gibson World Book Retailers

Published: 29/09/2009

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