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Thudguard protective foam safety hat for toddlers commended at John Logie Baird Awards


Thudguard commended at John Logie Baird Awards

A North-East woman who invented a safety hat to protect young children from bumps and bruises has been honoured at a ceremony.

Kelly Forsyth-Gibson, whose invention, the Thudguard, was featured on The Apprentice, was in the final five in the innovation category of the John Logie Baird Awards at one of Scotland's biggest innovation talent search at the Glasgow Science Centre.

Kelly said,  "I am really pleased to have got so far, this trophy is a reward for not giving up".

As people in South Africa prepared to mark Head Injuries Day on March 20, Kelly said there should be a similar day in the UK.

"People don't know enough about head injuries.  Babies and toddlers can have bumps all the time while learning to walk".

Published: 29/09/2009

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