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A selection of testiimonials from qualified experts.

It is a pleasure to support the 'Thudguard' in my capacity as President of the British Association for Accident and Emergency Medicine. Any device which helps to reduce the number of head injuries sustained by young children each year is most welcome

John Heyworth
British Association for Accident and Emergency Medicine

Throughout more than 20 years as an emergency paramedic, I have encountered numerous worried parents who have called an ambulance because their young toddler took a fall and suffered a head injury. While most are minor, some have resulted in serious and debilitating injuries. The Thudguard product is the first of its kind I’ve seen that offers sufficient protection during the formative months as young children develop balance and learn to walk. It is light-weight, unobtrusive, and in my experience, well-tolerate by busy and curious youngsters. We provided one for my grandson, and I heartily encourage their use by any parent, grandparent or guardian concerned about preventing head injuries in children.

Lawson E. Stuart, RN, MBA, MICP
Executive Director
Academic Programs, California

It is about time that someone has addressed the diffuse head injuries that are so invisible but on the rise for toddlers learning to walk. Thudguard is a one of a kind invention. As a practicing neurophysiologist, I highly endorse this incredible product.

Dr. Kevin Fleming. Ph.D., P.C.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA

I think the Thudguard will be welcomed by many parents as a piece of equipment that may provide protection for children from a head injury. This can only be a good thing as even one accidental head injury is one too many. Avoiding head injury means reducing potential visits to the A&E department, which in turn may potentially save the NHS resources.

I would like to remind parents that any child with a head injury should be seen by medical staff if there is concern about their condition, whether or not protective head gear is worn

Dr Diana Macgregor
Associate Specialist
Accident & Emergency, Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital

I have read the information provided on your initiative to conceive a protective device against head injury for babies and toddlers. On my personal behalf, I want to lend full support to this effort to prevent and mitigate head injury in babies and small children. The consequences of head injury may be suffered during the entire life of the young victim. The emotional and financial burden can be enormous. I wish you success

Herman Delooz MD PhD FCCM FFAEM (Hons)
Former President of the European Society for Emergency Medicine. Former Editor of the European Journal of Emergency Medicine.

... should make a valuable contribution to risk reduction in a similar way to cycle helmets...

David W. Jenkins BA MPhil(Eng) PhD DCA FTSI
Product Safety Adviser to RoSPA

Having worked on protective helmets for many occupations, and developed appropriate test methodologies for British and European helmet standards, I have assisted the development of the Thudguard to protect toddlers from the serious head injuries which can result from everyday falls and tumbles. I believe Thudguard will achieve this aim and so add to the peace of mind of carers, parents and even grandparents like me

Group Captain David Glaister
OStJ, MB,BS, PhD, FFOM, RAF (Ret d)

I purchased a Thudguard Helmet from you in June this year to be sent to my  grandson Timothy in Hong Kong. 
I am currently with my son in Hong Kong and thought you might be interested in seeing a picture of Timothy in the helmet, I think he looks gorgeous.  I am naturally an extremely proud nanny and have taken the liberty of also attaching a picture of Timothy on the front cover of a Hong Kong magazine, he has just won the competition face of Hong Kong's "17th International Baby/Children's Products Expo"

Thank you for a super product we all loved it.

 Timothy - face of Hong Kong's 17th International Baby/Children's Products Expo

Jacquelyn Wraight
Proud Grandma
Responsible for looking after the most precious gift in life

I am Olimpia Alvarez, a psychiatrist for over twelve (12) years, currently working in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.  I am affiliated with both Clinica Sanchez and Hospital de Salud Mental Tijuana (Tijuana Mental Health Hospital).   In my work I see many patients who have sustained head injuries or trauma to the cerebral area during the young formative months of their lives.  I see many problems that could have been avoided if these early injuries were avoided. There is an age range between initial crawling to after they are walking when babies are more mobile, less steady, and prone to falling often.  It is not always possible to keep them from falling and hitting their head on hard surfaces just by closely monitoring their activities.  Even falling on soft surfaces can be injurious to the soft bone structure of the forming skull. 

I came across the baby Thudguard hat while looking for something to protect my own baby's head.  I was immediately impressed by this product.  I like the material and the fact that it has ventilation.  At the age when most babies begin to move around, their body temperatures rise quickly and it is most effective that the hat has been developed with cooling in mind.  Also the lightweight materials make it easy and comfortable for the baby to wear.  The expansion area makes it useful month after month while the baby's head is growing and developing.  Being washable is a big plus, too. 

I and many of my friends with small children rest easy knowing we are assured of the safety for our baby's heads.  I believe that each and every family should use this product for the sake of their children's future.


Olimpia, Alvarez, Dra.

Olimpia, Alvarez, Dra.
Tijuana Mental Health Hospital

Recently I mentioned to my daughter that we should buy the baby (my grandson) a helmet...never dreaming one existed. So I googled it - and there you were. Attached are 2 recent photos, taken this week - of Ethan who turned 9 months old on Tuesday Jan 12. He is starting to walk (so did my twins at 9 months), and already this helmet has been the best idea I ever had! You have our permission to use the photo - as we will 100% support this protective safety hat. As an educator and psychologist I believe in safety first, and Ethan's physical safety and well-being matter most to all of us. Ethan doesn't mind wearing it at all, and we feel so much better knowing his head is protective as he begins to move nearing the speed of light around our homes. I have also sent out emails to friends and family sharing our best idea ever - to protect his head during this stage of his little yet precious life.

Thank you so very much from myself and this entire family. We plan to use this product with all future grandchild (our children agree) and share this golden information with as many people as we can!

Sincerely, Lou Bacon
Enjoy the journey and have fun!!

Lou J. Bacon

I'm a Consultant  on Procedures and Legal Matters and supplier of products on HSSE ( Health, Safety, Security and Environmental).

Now recently my 10 months old baby (Her head measurement is almost 17") start crawling and trying to stand, each time she is doing that she will be most of the time off balance and fall which is normal but as a parent I'm very much conscious about the head area and afraid it might knock on something hard as it natural for young child to be full of energy and fall, if there's any consolation even adults keep falling now adays.

Knowing out there, there must be an establishment that supply or sale children safety head gear I click on Google and typed 10 months old baby safety headgear and I saw the word Thudguard. Click on that I was so impress with the information. Without any second thought here I am communicating with your establishment.

Regards,  Mohd Sahrum Ishak

Mohd Sahrum Ishak
Health, Safety, Security and Environmental

Worldwide retailers
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Thudguard Keyfacts


This stretchy, comfortable design is suitable for the ages between 7 months to just over 2 years, depending on the size of the child's head, stretching from 40 to 50 centimetres or 16 to 20 inches in circumference. It is recommended to take a measurement of your child's head first to confirm the compatibility of the Thudguard sizing.


Thudguard is one of the lightest head guards in the world, weighing just less than 100 grams / 3.2 oz. This ultra lightweight design is extremely important for an infant's developing neck muscles.


Thudguard helps cushion the forehead, side and back of the head. It is made from ultra lightweight High Density Foam and medium weight, soft-spun poly / lycra. This makes it ideal for stretching and keeping the shape of the helmet allowing it to be very durable and easily kept clean.
... should make a valuable contribution to risk reduction in a similar way to cycle helmets...

David W. Jenkins BA MPhil(Eng) PhD DCA FTSI
Product Safety Adviser to RoSPA

Children wearing the Thudguard

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